Photography Tips for Beginners
Photography Tips

Photography Tips for Beginners

You can define photography as a ‘painting of light.’ Photography is an art where lights play an important role. If you want to be a professional photographer, then you need to understand some basic rules of photography. While clicking pictures, you can’t always rely on the auto-mode of the camera. You need to know about basic concepts like aperture, shutter speed, IOS, etc. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you might want to use your camera for capturing memories, stories, moments, etc. Hence, this article presents you with tips to capture images like a pro.

  • Learn to hold your camera 

It is essential to learn the right way to hold the camera. There is no hard and fast rule. However, if you are not holding your camera correctly, your images might turn out as blurry and shaky. To avoid that, you have to hold your camera still. Of course, you can use a tripod, but it is not possible to use it in every situation. Hence, the ideal way to hold your camera is to grip the right side of your camera with the right hand and place your left hand beneath your camera lenses. 

  • Follow the rule of composition.

Even though there are no hard fast rules in photography. It is an art, and you need to capture photos using your creativity. However, some rules enhance your photographs. The rule of the composition includes 5 rules that make you more photographs more compelling. These rules include the rule of thirds. Here the screen is divided into a 3×3 equal size rectangle. You have to place your subject at one-third of the lines. It makes your photographs more appealing. Using this technique in landscape photography is the best. Other rules include the leading lines, reduce clutter, contrasting colors, and framing. 

Photography Tips
  • Raw images 

Raw images are types of files like JPEG. This type of file captures all the image data instead of compressing the image. It captures higher quality images, and you have more control while editing your pictures. You can correct problems like overexposed or underexposed images. You can play with color temperature, contrast, white balance more efficiently with a raw image; it gives you more control over your image. 

  • Focus on eyes

Photography is a great way of telling stories, and there is a quote, which says eyes speaks a lot. While clicking portrait pictures, keep your subject eyes in focus. Photography is an art; you can’t learn it by just reading about it. Go on photo-shoot walk and try to click as many quality pictures as you can. Observe the environment and look for symmetries and patterns. This way, you can be a pro at photography. 

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