5 Tips On How To Take Photos Like a Pro
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5 Tips On How To Take Photos Like a Pro

When it comes to photography, there are no rules. You have to unleash your creativity to come up with a highly compelling photograph. However, over the years, we have come up with five composition rules. They are not rules in a strict sense; they are more of like guidelines. The rules of composition will allow you to tell the story behind your image, through direction and visual balance. With these rules, you can make an ordinary image special. Let us discuss them in detail. 

  1. Rule of third

Rule of thirds divides your image into nine equal segments. There are two vertical and two horizontal lines, which divide the screen into 3×3 small rectangles. These rules say that you have placed your subject according to this grid. Placing the subject in the center can get boring sometimes. Hence, the rule suggests that you place the subject where all lines intersect, which will add interest and balance in your picture. You don’t have to make this grid by yourself; most of the LCD provides you with the rule of thirds grid. 

  • Balancing elements 

Balancing all your elements is essential in your photograph. If you are using the rules of third, then you might face the problem of space in your image. You can fill this space by adding weight. You can do that by including another object that has lesser importance. This object will not steal the thunder of the main subject, but it will be used for filling the space. It will make your image more appealing. 

Take Photos Like a Pro
  • Leading lines

Leading lines can create a beautiful image. By creating the illusion of lines can pull the viewer towards the picture; it can make the image more appealing, and change the way we see the photograph. For example, there is a line of a cornfield, and all these lines joining at setting or rising sun. Another example can be placing your subject on the staircase. 

  • Patterns and Symmetry 

Adding patterns in your image can go a long way. If you look around, you will see a lot of patterns and symmetry around you. These patterns can make eye-catching photographs. Another way of making the images more compelling by adding a new element and breaking the pattern or symmetry. This way, you can create tension in your picture and introduce a focal point. 

  • Perspective

Just as everyone has a different perspective, your subject has too. You can click pictures using different angles and perspectives. Rather than clicking pictures from eye point, you can capture it from high above or down below; you can also capture it from the side or back. This way, you can capture the picture like no one before and make it more appealing. 

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