5 Easy Photography Tricks
Photography Tips

5 Easy Photography Tricks

Whether you have just purchased your DSLR camera or you are finding a way to improve your photography skills, these tips and tricks will help you in building a strong foundation. Photography is an art, and there will always be some room for improvement. The best way you can improve yourself is by practicing and making new mistakes. However, you can experiment with the following tricks to capture unique and appealing images. 

  1. White balance 

Photography is a painting of light. There are different types of lights, and each has different characteristics. White balance helps you in capturing colors accurately. If you don’t set the white balance correctly, then your photographs may have an orange, blue, or green hue to it, which is also called as temperature. You can fix white balancing in post-processing. However, editing can be a tedious process, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, you can set your camera accordingly. 

  • Shooting sunrise and sunsets 

Photography is all about beautiful lighting. Creating perfect lighting can be difficult. However, you can get natural lighting during the sunsets and sunrise. An hour after the sunrise is called the golden hour. During this time, the light is soft and warm. No matter what type of photographs you are clicking during these hours, the results will be beautiful. You can capture landscapes, portraits, or anything using the lighting of sunset and sunrise. It is the best time for outdoor photos. 

  • Photo editing 

Photo editing is a crucial part of creating appealing photos. You should shoot RAW. It is a file type, which is easy to edit. Post-processing of the photographs gets easy if they are in RAW format. You can hide your mistakes through editing. You can adjust exposure, white balance, adjust the size of the image, remove blemishes, and many more. However, you have to invest in a high-performing editing application. Some of the best in the market are adobe photoshop and lightroom. They are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Photography Tricks
  • Background

The background of the image should be clutter-free and as simple as possible. This way, it won’t steal the viewer’s attention from the main subject. Plain patterns and pretty colors work well when it comes to background. They enhance the appearance of your subject without stealing its thunder. Try to keep the background neutral, especially if you are practicing portrait photography. 

  • Using a tripod 

Using a tripod will help you in avoiding blurry and shaky images. You can capture images in a cool and compose manner. Just take ten pictures using your hand and ten pictures using your tripod, you will see a big difference.

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